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Sex Is A Power Thing

Sex Is A Power Thing


Yeah, OK, powerfully men are more sexy than men without power. And for lots of men, powerful women are powerfully attractive. And I do not just mean dominatrix powerful in a BDSM way. I mean really powerful women such as Christine Lagarde, who is both a sexy and attractive French woman and also the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. But not every woman is drawn to women with power. But pretty much every woman finds powerful men attractive. Or men with money, but men with money are powerful in that they can use money to get people to do things, so it amounts to the same thing.

But the truth is also that beautiful and sexy women have power. They have power over men through their beauty, their sex appeal, and ultimately through their power to supply or not supply sex. Men want sex with women. And – if you ignore sexual predators and scum bags such as Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump – they need the acceptance and agreement of women in order foe them to get it. Sex workers above all women know the value of their sexual appeal and their ability to supply what men want. The professional escorts represented by Tenerife Beauties know what men want from them. And they know that what men want has value. Very real and measurable financial value. And they charge for it by the hour.

All women have the same power over men. They have what men want. Some women are willing to acknowledge it and use it, others are not. But it is real. The ability to give men sex gives women real power in this world. Its might not be politically correct and authors such as Catherine Hakim have been vilified for writing about the way the world of men and women actually works. Books such as Erotic Capital should be required reading for every young woman. Sexual power is real power. But the great thing about being a woman is that she can have the perfect combination of sexual power, financial power and real world power. Men can only manage two out of three, unless they are a George Clooney. And even then I pretty much guarantee his wife is the one with the power in their home, not to mention her real world financial and political power.