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Man for Hire Services and Some Surprising Fact


How shocked I imagined you would be if I told you that man for hire services began with the intention of giving men an avenue to hire other men to spend time with them. There was a time in the past when "GAY" sounded strange and you could be lynched by simply coming out in the open to declare that you were gay. It was during this time that some heads came together to conjure up an avenue where men could hire other men to spend time with them. Yes, that was how it started. As the popularity of the industry grew, so did the interest of women grow? It wasn’t long before women began to request for the services of man for hire.

You know how you go to the bar or a club and, if you are not the social type, you will end up spending long hours, alone. It was a boring experience but if you went in the company of someone else, you will discover that you will be glad you went there. That was the strongest attraction of the program which endeared the fun lovers to subscribe to this service. The service was solely for companionship reasons when it started and nothing more. One problem of expansion – some would not see it as a problem anyway – is that as an organization or a business or any of such sorts continue to expand, the core value is quickly lost. That was the case of man for hire services too. It was only a matter of time before people started hiring them for sexual purposes and to fill the void in every other sector that needed the services of strong and able bodied young men.

There are those who get them for moving services and those who hire them as escorts to parties. These were not the problem. The main problem arose from those who hired them for sexual purposes. Just last year, one of the major man for hire websites was shut down and the founder was arrested. What was the crime? They said he was promoting prostitution. This obviously was not his intention when he started this service. Today, the service is more popular among women who are looking to hire them for companionship and escort purposes.

I had a dream of starting something similar but I am afraid it will turn to something else in the end and put me in trouble, so I killed the idea. I have been looking at speed dating for a while and I think I could take it to something further and more flexible. Ok here is the catch. I assume many of you must have heard about speed dating where men and women come together and for fifteen minutes or less, they are allowed to talk with each other to see if they are compatible. Well, I think there are guys that would be rejected because they are too shy. I have observed that shyness increases for the extroverts as they drift away from their comfort zone. My idea was to come up with an application for speed dating. Instead the normal add a friend to a friend list without even knowing them, you will have a maximum of ten minutes to video chat with them. If you think you are compatible, you tick accept before the elapse of the time and voila, you are friends. If the countdown should end without both parties clicking the accept button, then both cannot see themselves again. If one party should agree while the other party refuses, they can still have a chance to talk after a month. I don’t know if I am making any sense. The general idea is to remove the idea of having thousands of people on your friend list without having a clue to their personality or their philosophy.

The idea is that the more people with shared interest and philosophy you have on your list, the easier you will be able to make your choice or take the relationship a little further. These are some of my burning ideas but my fear is that when I begin, a few people will hijack it and turn it to an avenue to seek sex partners, and I will be charged for promoting prostitution. You can tell me what you think in the comment box.